|| Shree Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Mahara ||


Dattavtari P.P.VASUDEVANAND SARASWATI ( TEMBE ) SWAMI MAHARAJ was born in 1854 AD ( Shravan Krishna 5 ) in a religious Brahmin family to Shri. Ganesh Tembe and Sou. Ramabai in the village MANGAON near Sawantwadi , situated near Goa. When Vasudev was 8 years old, his grandfather Shri Haribhatji performed his thread ceremony. At the instance of his teachers, he had to marry at the age of 21. Due to continuous domestic clashes between his mother and wife Annapurna , his life was not peaceful which sharpened his detachment from worldly life. At the instance of Lord Dattatreya , Vasudev Shastri established " Shri Datt Mandir" at Mangaon in 1883 AD. After staying in Mangaon for 7 years as per Lord's wish , he left Mangaon with his wife and arrived at Narsobawadi. In 1891, At Gangakhed , his devoted wife met her end due to cholera. After the mourning period of 14 days he was initiated to Sanyasa. He travelled all over India and preached the ancient Vedic path and lead the people gone astray from var nashram dharma.

P.P.VASUDEVANAND SARASWATI (TEMBE) SWAMI MAHARAJ traversed the country for the next 23 years following strictly the harsh disciplines of Sanyas ashram. He was medium built and dark complexioned and had flashy and piercing eyes , which appeared to look deeply into you .His possessions included 4 loin cloths, 2 robes, the sceptre, a kamandalu, occasionally a woolen wrap, a book of Upanishads, a case of worship utensils, 2 idols of Dattguru , a rope to draw water and some paper and writing materials. He always travelled on foot and never used any footwear. Once on inspection , a devotee found and removed 20 thorns stuck in his feet. Swami Maharaj had not even given any indication of this. He passed through dense forests, hot deserts and steep mountains, facing extreme climates, wearing only a robe. Most of his 23 chaturmas were in small villages and remote places.

Tembe Swami Maharaj's actions were directed by Lord's will.Inherently reserved and reclusive, he was forced to spend long periods of his life amongst crowds.There was no discrimination inspite of his personal strict code of purity. People of all castes were the recipients of his grace and he was very sensitive and listened sympathetically to their sorrows and sufferings and provided counsel which if followed would remove or relieve their sufferings.

Lord Dattatreya instructed several devotees that he was dwelling in the form of Tembe Swami Maharaj. He was instrumental in reviving some major places of worship like Kurguddi and Peethapuram. He has also installed several Datt idols in different parts of India. The Mahamantra " DIGAMBARA DIGAMBARA SHRIPAD VALLABH DIGAMBARA " was revealed to P.P. Vasudevanand Saraswati (Tembe ) Swami Maharaj and he propogated this mantra on a large scale. Swami Maharaj has left behind a large body of literature

After a stay of 6-7 months at Chikhalda ( 22nd Chaturmas ) he crossed the dense forest of Shoolpaneshwar, guided by Ashwatthhama , and arrived for his final chaturmas (23rd) at Garudeshwar ( Gujarat ) in 1913 AD. Soon the remote temple believed to be the site of penance of Garuda ( Lord Vishnu's vehicle ) , was bustling with devotees of Swami Maharaj. As narrated by him, he was afflicted once by plague, thrice by cholera, twice by leprosy, once by leukoderma , twice by snakebite and lifelong by dysentery. However he never took any medicines and placed himself utterly at the disposal of divine will. After the summer of 1914 AD , when he was 60 years old his health started deteriorating rapidly. On 1st day of Ashada ,( Tuesday, Ardra nakshatra, uttarayan ) he sat in siddhasana posture facing the idol of Shri Datta and with a chant of "OM", he left his physical form.

Even after leaving his physical form about 100 years ago ,lakhs of devotees of P.P.Vasudevanand Saraswati (Tembe ) Swami Maharaj throughout the world are feeling his presence and getting his experiences in their day to day life. His saying , " Smratugami Samavtu.", i.e. , whenever you remember me I will come to you within a fraction of a second holds good even today
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